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The Newest ABC Book for Cool Kids and Their Cool Parents


This is a modern ABC book made for cool kids and their cool parents. And let’s not forget cool kid-free people who go to a lot of baby showers.  

A time capsule of defining icons and internet phenomena, Avocado Toast and All Their Alphabet Friends was made to make adults laugh while helping kids learn how to read. When everybody wins, it’s a win-win. Right?

Kids are the future, but we think they should also know about the past: the reign of Queen B, the word for the special drinks their parents are always sipping from their adult sippy cups and also the word we call Aunt Sophie who only eats tofu and broccoli (yuck).


 A Peek Inside


Why Buy This Book?

If you never want to read “Goodnight Moon” to your son/daughter/niece/nephew/child of a very close friend who trusted you to babysit in exchange for a six pack of beer again—then that’s why!


Here’s What the Kids are Saying

The reviews are in, and the book is already heralded as an instant classic. In ten years it’ll be even more classic, and then we’ll have to write a whole new book with 26 new cool things: Self-driving cars. Teleporting. The One Direction Reunion Tour. Who knows?!